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Branding: Hong Kong Police Force Police Public Relations Branch


Client : Hong Kong Police Force Police Public Relations Branch 香港警務處警察公共關係科
Project: <少年警訊 Junior Police Call> <耆樂警訊 Senior Police Call> <號外 Social Media Edition>

Details: Police Public Relation Branch is the Support Branch of Hong Kong Police Force which working partnership with the media to foster good relations with all section of the community. Junior Police Call Scheme (JPC) and Senior Police Call (SPC) are implenmented to enhance communication with Police and the youths and elderly of Hong Kong.

Junior Police Call (JPC) has launched since 1974 which has expansion throughout years and become one of the largest youth oranizations in the world with Police tie. JPC Monthly newsletter was first published in 1978 with 30,000 copies and increasingly to 56,000 copies in 2000, free distribute to members, schools and youth organizations. In the JPC publication, I learnt manage the entire workflow and create page setup efficiently with paragraph formatting and layout arrangement. Secondly, I learn to coordinate with stakeholders with JPC staff and comic illustrator, English page contributors and print coordinators.

Senior Police Call Scheme was implenment in Hong Kong Police in Feburary 2014, objective to enhance communication with elderly through proactive engagement. SPC scheme provide a platform for the elderly to participate in meaningful activities and to serve the community. SPC Newsletter encourage call for paper from SPC members, fun with health tips and game create bonding of the SPC communities. Concern about the visually impaired reader, the newsletter are assigned to access the technology with various Desktop Screen Reader.

Social media continues to evolve and develop, Police Public Relations Branch (PPRB) promotes use of social media and held the symposium of “Effective use of social media in police work”which can optimise the use of the new medium of mass communication in policing and community engagement. Two sessions are covered in “The application of social media in specific policing areas” and “How social media is changing the way we communicate”, invited speakers from Facebook, Boston Police and Queensland Police Service, Smart City Consortium and MTR Corporation.


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Hong Kong  Tel: (852) 9285-1068

China Tel: (86) 132-6692-5517

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