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Event: Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2017


Client: Hong Kong Government and Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Project: Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2017 <樂齡科技博覽暨高峰會2017>
Details: Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2017 <樂齡科技博覽暨高峰會2017> (GIES) is the first Gernontech fair in Hong Kong. The GIES Expo aims to increase the awareness of general public and the Hong Kong society as a whole on how to integrate technology with elderly care for the development of innovative products and services. The first Expo has attracted total 43,000 visitors and 226 display products are displayed and gradually increase visitors number to 50,000 and 530 products in Expo 2019. With provided GIES key visual, I worked on the event marketing, increase media coverage by producing online social media promotion and offline printed through various media platform.


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