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"Ikebana" 生け花 is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, derived from the Japanese ikeru (生ける, "to arrange (flowers), have life, be living") and hana (花, "flower"). Ikenobo kado 池坊華道 is the origin of ikebana with over 500 years in history. I love nature and explore oriental soul through traditional art. My professional floral training in the Ikebano Headquarter (Hong Kong Charpter) has beginned since 2012, I have learnt the arrangement from traditional rikka 立花, to contemporary style of shoka 生花, Freestyle 自由花 and moribana 盛花. After completed the introductary course, I have received the ceritificate of Junkakyo 池坊華道教授三級 which authorized as a qualified ikenobo teacher.


Moribana 盛花 means “piling up flowers”, emphasis on the natural beauty and characteristics of flowers and plants with the more traditional Rikka 立花 and Shoka 生花 styles. Moribana emphasis on giving the narural characteristics and form of its materials which emphasis the volume and three-dimensionality. Understanding of the branch "yakueda" 役枝 of moribana, Shin 真, Soe 行 and Tai 體 which Shin 真 served as main material of the arrangement. Determined by the angle of Shin, there are basic styles of moribana Chokutai 直態(upright), Shatai 斜態(slanting), Suitai 墜態 (cascading) present the beauty of plants growing in the nature.


Rikka 立花 is the most formal and oldest style of Ikebana which established in the 15th century, that present the scenic natural beauty in single ikebana arrangement. Arrangement consists of nine main stems or parts applying different characters, length, angles, and floral materials with wiring techniques. It recalls uniqueness of each natural environment and each gives rise to plant of different character and impression. Rikka Shinfutai 立花正風體 learning in the course of Instructor of Ikebana (池坊華道 教授三級).


Shoka 生花 is a style formalized in the late Edo Period. By using from one to three kinds of floral materials shin 真, soe 行 and tai 體, likened to three poles or functions (heaven, earth and mankind). Shoka expresses the living form of plants rooted in the soil and growing upward. Composed by principle of in 陰 and yo 陽, we understand the plants in nature extend towards light coming from one direction. There are two styles: shoka shofutai 生花正風體 with traditional form, and Shoka Shimputai 生花新風體 with no set form.


Freestyle (Jiyuka) 自由花 create many new possibilities for ikebana based on creative theme with applying non-plant materials. Freestyle does not require any convention form of arrangement and it allow a wider range of expression. From inspiration to motifs, Arrangement can be inflenced by feelings, knowledge and experience of creator, to make strong impression on viewer that can be easily understood from the work from sculptural form for the arrangement the idea of points, lines, surfaces and masses.

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